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Vani Satish, Karnataka Vaibhava @ Nadasurabhi 17 Aug 2014

Vocal : Vani Satish

Violin : Mathur Srinidhi

Mrudangam : C Cheluvaraju

Ghatam : Ranganath Chakravarthy

Song List

01. vanajAksha ninnE kOri (varNam) – mandAri – Mysore Vasudevachar

02. SrI chAmuNDESwari tava pAda bhaktim dEhi – kannaDa – Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar ( A,S )

03. pULu challarE puNDarIkAkshu nI pai – Anandabhairavi – Mysore Sadashiva Rao ( O )

04. pAkArinuta parama pAvana – rishabhapriya – Veena Krishnamachari ( A,S )

05. tribhuvana jananI tribhuvana pAlini – manOranjani – Bellari Seshagiri Achar ( O )

06. nArAyaNa ninnA nAmada – sudha dhanyAsi – Purandara Dasa ( O )

07. ratna kanchuka dhAriNi – kAmbOji – Muthaiah Bhagavathar ( A,N,S,T )
neraval & swara @’ mandagamanOllAsini dEvEndranutE mrudubhAshiNi’

08. nInoLidare koraDu – dwijAvanti – Basavanna ( O )

09. ugabhOga ( dIna nAnu samastha lOkage ) – dEsh – Kanaka Dasa
kula kula kulavennu tiharu – dEsh – Kanaka Dasa

10. thillAna ( tadara tani udana tOm tOm dru dhiraNA ) – rEvati – Bellari Seshagiri Achar

11. mangaLam jayamangaLam – madhyamAvathi – Purandara Dasa

Concluding concert of the three day ‘Karnataka Vaibhava’ by Vani Satish was a fitting finale to the fair. True to the spirit of the evening, as in the case of Shankar, Vid Vani Satish arrayed a large selection of composers and many not often heard kritis. On her part, she and the team delivered a solid concert with great insistence on sahitya both the lyrical and aesthetic aspect.

Started with a brisk varnam in mandari , she quickly moved on to a fairly detailed kannaDa alapana. That was two in two consecutive days of kannaDa ragam, with Bangalore Brothers decided to sing a Muthaiah Bhagavathers ‘chamundamba ashtothara kriti’ the previous evening. Her alapana was good so was the delicate return from Srinidhi. Wodeyar’s kriti was added with few rounds of kalpana swaras. A very moving Anandabhairavi composition of Mysore Sadashiva Rao was very pleasing.

A detailed alapana in rishabhapriya yet again ( a couple of days back Shankar presented a Bidaram Krishnappa kriti) , done very well by both vocal and violin artists. Veena Krishnamachar’s kriti ( she announced) probably was new for many. Nice composition to hear for a first time listener. She sang a detailed kalpana swara as well. Her guru’s manoranjani composition ( very good) and Purandara Dasa’s nArAyaNa ninna ( not so impressed) came in before the main.

Muthaiah Bhagavathar’s ratna kanchuka dharini was to be the main. Elaborate alapana of kamboji followed. Initial slow phrases were very good. Mathur Srinidhi did a good job in his turn. HMBs kriti has a nice charm. I like the neraval line. Vani Satish did a good job with the neraval. Nice word play around ‘Ullasini’, ‘mrudubhashini’ were good to hear. Another elaborate ‘swara prasthana’ did justice to the main. Cheluvaraju and Ranganatha Chakravarthy played out a good tani avartanam.

Post main had a Basavanna vachana followed by an ugabhoga and kriti of Kanaka Dasa, set to tune by the vidushi herself. Concert concluded with a beautiful thillana in rEvati composed by Bellari Seshagiri Achar. Nice finish to a commendable three day event. Get to hear a lot many new kritis and for a listener this was kind of a refresher from the usual kritis and composers.

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Vani Satish, Rama Lalitha Kalamandira , Suswaralaya Annual Festival 01 Nov 2012

Vocal : Vani Satish

Violin : Mathur Srinidhi

Mrudangam : J Vaidyanathan

Ganjira : B S Purushotham


01  chalamEla jEsi – nAtakurinji – Rangaswami Nattuvanar

02  vandEnishamaham vAraNa vadanam – hamsadhwani – Mysore Vasudevacharya ( S )

03  vAncha tOnu nA – karNa ranjani – Jarikeshanallur Muthaiah Bhagavathar

04  rAma rAmayani chintincha rAdA – yAgapriya – Bellari Raghavendrachar

05  srI chamunDEshwari dEvi tava pAda bhaktim – kannaDa – Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar ( O,S )

06  nArAyaNa ninna – Sudha dhanyAsi – Purandara Dasa

07  ELarA krishNa – kAmbOji – Thyagaraja ( A,N,S )

      neraval & Swara @ ‘nAgashayana nAgaripu nuta thyagaraja karArchita’

08  okapari jUDagA – kalAvathi – Thyagaraja

09  nambi kettavar illavO – kalyANi – Purandara Dasa  ( A,N,S,T )

      neraval & swara @ ‘ garuDa gamana srI purandara viTTalana ‘

10  ugabhOga ( giriya mariyanu tandu ) – dEsh

       kula kula kulavendu – dEsh – Kanaka Dasa

11  thillAna ( tadara tAni udana tOm tOm ta) – rEvathi – ?

12 mangaLam jayamangaLam – madhyamAvathi – Purandara Dasa(?)

 This is the first time, I am attending a concert of Smt Vani Satish. I’ve seen a couple of her concerts on TV earlier. Hence, I had no preconceived notions about her singing, and that helps at times. I was in two minds about attending this concert, on a cold rainy day.

Concert started after the crowd was initiated with some “light refreshment’ provided by the organisers. The small hall was literally packed with connoisseurs and students ( of Suswaralaya ). This provide a fitting audience for a beautifully executed concert by Vidushi Vani Satish and the team. It is important to state the way the supporting artists lifted the overall effect of the concert, each excelling in their own department to provide a wholesome concert experience.

On her part, Vani Satish started the concert a bit slow. She grew in stature as the concert progressed and finished brilliantly. Natakurinji varnam and the hamsadhwani kriti were sung in quick succession, mostly got the performers together as a team. The swara for hamsadhwani was crisp and sweet. We could see J Vaidyanathan quickly getting into the groove, along with Purushotham. Until late, violin had no individual role to play apart from accompanying her for kritis. Quick karnaranjani and another brief kriti in yagapriya came in succession. Yagapriya kriti, she explained later, which was composed by Bellari Raghavendrachar, had some moving ‘prayogas’ , which was sung beautifully.

Until now, there was no detailing of any kriti and I was sort of getting jittery about my decision of coming all the way daring rain and chilly weather. She started with a very brief Kannada alapana, with a shorter violin return. The Wodeyar kriti was good, and luckily she sang few round of swaras for Kannada.
Five kritis are over, no detailed alapana, no neravel and only two short kalpana swaras. Moreover, every kriti thus far was in Adi Tala ( not that it is a crime). The tempo slightly changed when she sang ‘nArAyaNa ninna’ in khanda Chapu, albeit without any alapana or swara.

From this point, the concert moved to a different level. She started elaborate kAmboji alapana. Though she deployed the familiar phrases, it was neatly constructed and progressed. Some of the ‘akAra’ singing were very appealing. Srinidhi also joined the party with some good return play. ELarA rishna wasnt expected and it was indeed a pleasant surprise. She sang this kriti fabulously, with elaborate neraval, which I cherished, and alpana swaras in two speeds, with some great percussion support. Lasting 40+ minutes, this is one of the longest rendition I’ve come across for this kriti and indeed a remarkable one. JV rejected her offer to play tani avartanam and giving us hope for another big one to follow, probably a pallavi.

After a quick kalavathi kriti, she launched into another long alapana of Kalyani. Alapana was decent (inspite of my deafness to Kalyani beyond 2 min), with equally good return play by Srinidhi. It was not a pallavi, but Nambi Kettavar Illavo, by Purandara Dasa. A shortish neraval line was pretty effective and nice. She chose to sing kalpana swaras in the same speed as the concluding neraval speed, which was also pretty good. Vaidyanathan and Purushotham, took over from three with a brilliant tani avartanam in Mishra chapu, with some interesting patterns. A student who identified the korvai was awarded cash prize, an innovative idea by H S Sudheendra.

Vid H S Sudheendra spoke for a while praising the aritsts for their spirited performance. Taking individual artists with their ancestry and their musical lineage he showered his praises to them, which took a while.  Post speeches, she sang a beautiful ugabhoga in dEsh a fantastic thillana in rEvathi ( it was a kannada composition with the charanam line starting at ‘tanayuDanchi..’) before the mangalam.

A beautifully conceived and executed concert yesterday by Vani Satish, on the first day of the Suswaralaya Annual Music Festival.

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