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Matangi Sathyamurthy , Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan , Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan 10th Oct,2015

Vocal : Matangi Sathyamurthy

Violin : Attukal Balasubramanian

Mrudangam : N Hari

Morsing : Payyannur Govindaprasad


00.  valachi vAchi (varNam) – navaragamalika – Patnam Subramanya Iyer

01.  mahAgaNapatE pAlayAshumAm – naTanArAyaNi – Dikshitar ( S )

02.  amma rAvamma tuLasamma – kalyANi – Thyagaraga ( A,N,S )

niraval & svara @ ‘ tAmarasa daLa nEtruDu thyAgarAjuDu mitruDu ‘

03.  paripAlayamAm – rItigauLa – Swathi Thirunal

04.  pAlinchu kAmAkshi – madhyamAvati – Shyama Shastri ( A,N,S,T )

niraval & svara @ ‘ kAntamagu pEru poNDitivi kAruNya mUrti ‘

05.  rOga haraNa krpA sAgara – bhAgEshrI – Jagannatha Dasa

This was double whammy yesterday. An awesome hindustani concert by Kedia Brothers started the evening’s  proceedings. It took a while for the technicians to set things right as it had to be broadcasted by AIR ( 25th Nov, 9:30 pm) and have to be telecasted by Doordarshan. Both AIR and DD technicians were all over the stage. She sang the valachi vachi varnam along with the rest of the artists as they were fixing things.

Now,this is a time bound program. This had to be fit into the hourly or 30 mins slots of DD and AIR for their relay. The announcer had to frequently make an appearance and introduce the next item. All this can hamper the smooth flow of a concert. The artists were constantly under time pressure with instructions coming from the side of the stage at regular intervals. Smt Matangi Sathyamurthy was looking at the side of the stage more often during the Madhyamavathi , than looking at the audience. All these can distract the artists as well as the typical concert audience. Having said that, the concert within these constraints were pretty decent.

She started with a rare kriti in Natanarayani. Nice kalyani alapana came soon. Both alapana kriti and neraval to me was in a faster tempo. Not sure if she as trying to fit in within the time intervals. Good neraval and I think there was a few rounds of swaras. Not so memorable paripalayamam came in as a filler before the main. Madhyamavathi alapana from her was very good. As soon as Balasubramanian started his return, the signals started appearing from the side. Vocalist suggested him to close this out in next two minutes which he promptly complied. The rest was done in a jiffy. But she did sing neraval and few rounds of swaras. There was a short tani avartanam. She concluded the concert with a devarnama in bhageshri.

While this short concert with its limitations may not bring out the best in the artist. She is an established artist and what she sang yesterday was reflective of her capabilities. Will look forward to listening to her in a wholesome concert.


Before the carnatic concert, Pt Mor Mukut Kedia ( Sitar ) and Manoj Kedia ( Sarod)  presented a beautiful hindustani concert. I am not an expert to talk about it. But for the record here is what was sung.

Sitar : Pt Mor Mukut Kedia

Sarod : Pt Manoj Kedia

Tabla : UStad Sabir Khan

01. Raag  chandra nandan

02.  Raag  Kirwani

03.  Raag Mishr Pilu

The Chandranandan essay, which lasted nearly an hour was the highlight of the evening.

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