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Nedumbally Ram Mohan & Kottakkal Vengeri Narayanan , Kathakali Pada kacheri , 16-Nov-2014

Ponnani : Nedumbally Ram Mohan

ShinkiTi : Vengeri Narayanan

Chenda : Sadanam Ramakrishnan

Maddalam : Kalamandalam Venu


01  harihara vidhinuta – nAta – thODayam

02  SLOkam ( pArthan gaurIshadEvam parichinoTu) – mOhanam – kirAtam
gaurIsham mama – mOhanam – kirAtam

03  shrIman sakhE vijayA – sAvEri – santAna gOpAlam

04  nAThA bhaval charaNA – dEvagAndhAri – santAna gOpAlam

05  entoru chitramidam – aThANa – kuchElavruttam

06  SLOkam ( nava viramayantyAm naishadhan) – thODi – naLacharitam 3rd day
lOka pAlanmArE – thODi – naLacharitam 3rd Day

07   sAdaram nI chonnOru mozhiyitu – bEgaDa –  kIchaka vadham

08  SLOkam ( sUryAdrE sada mauliratna ) – nAthanAmakriya – dEvayAnicharitam
sundara kaLEbara – nAthanAmakriya – dEvayAnicharitam

09   mAnyamatE – dhanyAsi – naLacharitam 3rd Day

10  varika bAhukA – kalyANi – naLacharitam 3rd Day

11  SLOkam ( sudEvOktA vAnim  ) – dwijAvanti – naLacharitam 3rd Day
marimAnkaNNi mauliyuTE – dwijAvanti – naLacharitam 3rd Day

12  vIra virATa kumAra vibhO – husEni ( UshAni ) –  UttarA svayamvaram

tani Avartanam

13  SLOkam ( yOgIndrANAm ) – madhyamAvati – nArAyaNIyam
puSkara vilOchanA – surutti – kuchEla vruttam
(started at krSNA tval pAdam chEruvOLam)

14  padmA vallabha pAlaya bhagavan – madhyamAvati – thODayam

You don’t expect to attend a concert when you are on travel to Kerala over a weekend. This chance came in by surprise and I was not to miss one such. A short audience gathered to attend a 60th birthday celebration were treated with some exquisite and chaste music in its traditional form. I had the privilege to introduce the artists to the audience and set the music in motion. Meeting him prior to the program, I had requested Ram Mohan not to sing those often heard padams again( ajitA harE, hariNAkSi, vasa vasa sUtA, UrjitAshaya etc). He said, “tell me what to sing and make it easier for me”. While I did not do that, he took the hint ( I suggested only the nathanamakriya padam) and presented a impressive variety of padams.

On his part Ram Mohan was on superb form from start. Vengeri Narayanan caught up with him from the second padam and from then it was a real treat. Mixing slow tempo padams with a faster one to follow, at times singing two back to back padams from the same ‘ATTakatha’ for the overall impact – sreeman sakhe and nAthA bhaval charana from Santhanagopalam or mAnyamate and varika bAhuka from Nalacharitam , appropriately preceding with the shlokam made it look like a well planned out concert.

The highlight of the day was the thODi padam for me. From the SLOkam extended to an impressive alapana to the way the kriti presented was a shear delight to witness. This one padam made my day and paid for all the trouble of weekend travel to Kerala. Verngeri Narayanan matched the lead singer in every sangatis and phrases in the alapana. The audience seems to have cherished the moment, the long round of appreciation being the testimony to the same.

My request sundara kalebara was again a treat. Those who wants to listen to this ( sung by the same pair ) can listen to an awesome rendition here. :

The crowd favorite mariman kanni was again received with lot of enthusiasm. A ‘kummi’ piece from Uttara Svayamvaram in huseni had an appropriate place for the percussion team to show their mettle. To indicate the conclusion of the concert he started the ‘Narayaneeyam’ shlokam yogindranam in madhyamavati. On a hint from his Guru, he made a smart drift to surutti at krSNA, krSNA… to ‘krSNA tval pAdam chEruvOLam’ from the padam pushkara vilochana of kuchelavrtam. It was very appealing. He concluded the concert with a madhyamavati piece from thodayam.

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