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Srivalsan J menon , Raga Sambhrama @ Chowdiah Memorial Hall 03 Feb 2012

vocal : Srivalsan J Menon

Violin : Sandhya Srinath

Mrudangam : H S Sudheendra

Organised by : Bharatiya Saamagaana Sabha

Ragam : Anandabhairavi


01 SLOkam ( Om namO bhagavathE vAsudEvAya) – Anandabhairavi

       cheluvudA nine kOri ( varNam)- Anandabhairavi – Ammachathram Kannuswami Pillai

02  kamalAmbA samrakshatu – anandabhairavi – Muthuswami Dikshitar

03 O jagadamba – Anandabhairavi – Shyama Shastry ( A,N,S ,T)

       neraval & swara @‘rAjamukhi sarOjanayana suguNa rAjarAjita kAmAkSi’

04  kaLaganji ?? – anandabhairavi – Allama Prabhu ( 12th century vachana poet)

Unlike his predecessors, Srivalsan J Menon decided to give a mini concert ( Eka rAga concert style) in his stpulated 1 hr.  I would have preferred a single kriti or a pallavi for 1 hr as done by the others. However, given the time and the scope,  he has done a good job.

He started the concert with a slokam in anandabhairavi, moving to a not often heard varnam of Ammachathram Kannaswami Pillai ( heard this earlier when malladi brothers sang at Gayana samaja , 4 yrs ago).  Dikshitar’s navavarana kriti ‘kamalAmba’ followed soon. A very emotive rendering, unhastened, with some good anticipatory responses by H S Sudheendra. He concluded without singing any kalpana swaras. mentioning Shyamashasthry for all those majestic compsitions in anandabhairavi, he choose to sing ‘O jagadamba’ for the main piece. Alapana was exquisite, very moving and measured. Sandhya Srinath, on her turn produced some of the magical phrases of the vocalist.  O jagadamba came in all its grandeur.  Neraval , especially, was very interesting at ‘  rAjamukhi sarOjanayana  ‘ , which I thought is not all that easy to pull it off.  Kalpana swara was brilliant, with some able accompaniment.

True to the nature of the concert and the bhava prevailed, Sri Sudhindra gave a sublime thani avartanam, albeit short. I liked the way he finished the tani easing into the conclusion. No fireworks, no fast paced finger play, no structurally complicated and loud exhibition of his capabilities. It matched to the evenings and the raga moods perfectly. He concluded the concert with a kriti of Allama Prabhu ( a 12th century poet ) set to tune to Anandabhairavi.

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