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Ranjani & Gayathri , Sheshadripuram Rama Seva Samiti, 20 Apr 2013

Vocal : Ranjani & Gayathri

Violin : H M Smitha

Mrudangam:  H S Sudheendra

Ghatam : G Omkar Rao


01 intha mODi ( varNam) – sAranga – Thiruvottiyur Thyagayya

02 rAmachandram bhAvayAmi – vasantha – Dikshitar ( S )

03  kaNTa jUDumi – vAchaspati – Thyagaraja ( A,N,S )

neraval & swara @ ‘ alanADu soumitri pAdasEva’

04  hecharadali naDE manavE – mukhAri – Purandara Dasa

05  kaligiyuNTE gada – kIravANi- Thyagaraja ( A,S,T )

06  RTP – janaranjani – Tisra Triputa , 2 Kalai , tisra gati  starting at +1/2 after samam.

pallavi line ‘smaranE sukhamu rAmanAma, shravaNamE bhAgyamu raghukula sOma

ragamalika swaras in ‘gauLa, darbAr, chandrakauns, behAg

07 jagadISwari brahma hrdayESwari – rAgEshri – Ramamurthy Rao

08  janm janhi AgE ?? (abhang) – dEshkAr – Sant Eknath

09 mangaLam- saurAshtram – thyagaraja

SLOkam ( mangalam kOsalEndraya) – madhyamAvathi

The first concert of the Ramanavami season for me and it wasn’t a disappointment. The duo did present a good concert at the Seshadripuram College premises. Interesting selection of ragams and kritis wih some not heard before made the day.

Amidst some hic-up with the mic and amplification ( which has become a regular affair in concerts these days), varnam and a quick vasantha with few round of swaras came in. Luckily the issues did not prolong, as it somewhat settled during the vachaspati alapana. Ranjani sang a neat vachaspati alapana similarly followed by the violin artist. Kanta Judumi came and went through the predictable routine with a smart neraval at ‘alanADu’ and kalpana swaras. Neraval was very good and the concluding kalpana swaras from Ranjani was brilliant.

A beautiful Purandara Dasa kriti came in next. Whoever had set this to tune had done an amazing job. It had all the beauty of mukhAri and the duo gave a very emotive presentation of this kriti. Kiravani was to be the main, with Gayathri doing the alapana. It was very good as always ( one cant go wrong with Keeravani, can they). Kaligiyunte came in the typical style, however they changed the tempo to a higher speed starting at charanam. Surprisingly, there was no neraval. The organiser in her pre-written speech did talk about the neraval, not sure if she heard something that I missed 🙂 .The intermission came in with some confusion. I guess those behind the stage weren’t ready with the garland/presentations. The sponsors of the evening was also called on to the stage and had to be seated there for a while. Citing ‘technical reasons’ they requested the artists to continue.

Pallavi was in the offing and it was janaranjani. I wsa confused for a while with Poornachandrika, until the artists clarified. Tha alapana largely revolved around the key phrase, presented in various forms cut, stretched, different speeds, 3 octaves and ‘akara’ singing. Tanam was much better. Pallavi was interestingly composed. The ‘pUrvAngam’ from the popular kriti and uttarangam on their own. There was no trikalam. Ragamalika swaras were good, especially the chandrakauns and behag were brilliant.

Post pallavi, there was a rageshri kriti on goddess Sharadambal and the staple abhang. Overall, I thought it was a good concert. H M Smitha was competent and supported pretty well. H S Sudheendra and Omkar was apt in their percussion support. they did present a short but good tani avartanam, but there was no enthusiasm from the audience for their efforts.

A good concert to start the season for me. Hopefully one get to listen to some cracking ones soon.

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