Vasudevan Ram, Guru Utsava @ Ranjani Fine Arts, 21 Jul 2018

21 Jul

Vocal : Vid Vasudevan Ram

Violin : Anand Viswanathan

Mrudangam : Rakshit


01 shLOkam ( guru brahmO gurur viSNO ) – kalyANi  ( O, violin return )

gaNapatE mahAmatE – kalyANi – Roopakam – Dikshitar  ( Ambi?? )

02 paripAlayamAm – rItigauLa –  Roopakam – Swathi Thirunal ( A )

03 viruttam ( en tAyum enakkaruL tantayum nI ) – kApi – Arunagirinathar ?

kArtikEyanai kaNNAra kANAvENDumE – kApi – Roopakam – Mayuram Viswanatha Shasthri

Shri Vasudevan presented the inagural concert of the 2 day long Guru Utsava of Ranjani Fine Arts. A short half an hour concert, which was planned beautifully. It is difficult to plan and control a short duration concert. You have to omit or miss more than what you could incorporate.

He started appropriately with the guru vandana shlokam, sang beautifully. Anand played a nice little alapana of Kalyani before the kriti. Nice idea of including the Guru and Ganesha in one piece. Another good alapana of reetigaula, with some innovative takes by Vasudevan, followed by Anand with a short reply. The time was running out and I could see Vasudevan was stepping up the tempo. Paripalayamam was sung at a pace faster than usual tempo.

A short viruttam from Kandar Anubhooti ( ?) before Mayuram Viswanatha Shastri’s composition to conclude the short but pretty nice concert.

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