Ramakrishnan Murthy @ indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha, 25th Jun 2017

26 Jun

Vocal : Ramakrishnan Murthy

Violin : R K Shriramkumar

Mrudangam : K Arun Prakash

Ganjira : G Guruprasanna

List :

01 viribONi ( varNam ) – bhairavi – PAchimiriumm Adiappa

02 jaya jaya jaya jAnakIkAnta – nATa – Purandara Dasa ( S )

03 smaraNE sukhamu – janaranjani – Thyagaraja ( N,S )

neraval & swara @ rAmanAma shravaNamu valla nAma rUpamE hrdayamu

04 rAmanAma pAyasakke – Anandabhairavi – Purandara Dasa

05 RTP – kalyANi – chaturashra tripuTa, 2 kaLai,  1/8 atIta eduppu?

tAnam in kalyANi, kIravANi, kannaDa and kAnaDa

pallavi  ‘ un darishanam kiDaikkumO naTarAja , dayAnidhE ‘

rAgamAlika swaras in kalyANi, nIlAmbari, aThANa, kApi and shrI

05b tani Avartanam

06 shrI vishvanAtham bhajEham – chaturdasha rAgamAlika – Dikshitar

07 shLOkam ( mangaLam kOsalEndrAya) – shrI

First of all, congratulations to Vidvan Ramakrishnan Murthy, for receiving the Purandara Yuva Puraskar for this year, as one of the awardees. Truly deserving for the service he is offering to the music field.

Last evening concert, evoked mixed emotions, to say the best. It did start about 30 min behind schedule, as the previous program extended by 15-20 min. He probably was not at the best of his physical ability. He was visibly distracted and was grimacing towards the second part of the evening. That aside, the entire evening was of a slow sedate mood, one slow piece after other. Some of the usual verve and vigour wasn’t at display. So, the atmosphere wasn’t of excitement.

But, taking individual pieces, I hasten to say, he sang very well. A very detailed bhairavi varnam – I guess he sang all the charanams, started of the concert very well. Nata kriti was a bit off, even the kalpana swaras were just ok.  The start of janaranjani to me was the highlight of the evening. One sangati after other came out with such elan, albeit on a slow speed, to some mesmerizing effect. Beautiful stuff. An elaborated neraval at rAma nAma shravanam added to the glow. Few round of swaras too.

Andabhairavi alapana, again was decent. Some feedback and echo issues with the amplifier disturbed the free flow a couple of times. Sriramkumar played in the similar lines. I was expecting one of the Shyama Shasthry’s master pieces. But he picked yet another Purandara Dasa kriti, presented very well.

Detailed kalyANi alapana came soon, befitting the main piece of the evening.  While nothing to talk home about the alapana, the tanam was exquisite. The easing from kalyani to keervani was classy , so was the kannaDa and kAnaDa interludes. Brilliant stuff.  Familiar pallavi line, but set to Aditalam. I think he did an ateeta eduppu, fixing ‘darishanam’ at samam, which makes ‘un’ a fraction before samam. I could be wrong here. No trikalam in the offer, but some attempts during the kalpana swaras. Very good ragamalika swaras, especially the slow aThANa was superclass. Tani Avrtanam too did not lift up the mood, a typical Arun Prakash style. Guruprasanna,did some good attempts while accompanying, though. He concluded the concert with the 14 raga garland of Muthuswamy Dikshitar.

A good concert, especially the second part of the pallavi and the janaranjani. One always expect more from Vidvans like Ramakrishnan Murthy.

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One response to “Ramakrishnan Murthy @ indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha, 25th Jun 2017

  1. Sowmya

    June 27, 2017 at 9:19 am

    Very well said Sir. Meditative and sublime concert! Guess I was sitting right next to ur wife in the hall 🙂


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