Modumudi Sudhakar @ Ranjani Fine Arts ,19th Dec 2015

20 Dec

Vocal :  Modumudi Sudhakar

Violin : M S Govindaswamy

Mrudangam : R S R Srikanth


01.  jalajAkSA (varNAm) – hamsadhwani – Manampuchadi Venkatasubbaiyer

02. pancha mAtanga mukha – malahari – Dikshitar  ( O,S )

03.  sangIta sAmrAjya sanchAriNi – mOhanakalyANi – Bangalore Ramamurthy ( O )

04.  enta muddO enta sogasO – bindumALini – Thyagaraja ( O )

05.  mariErE dikkevvaru – latAngi – Patnam Subramanya Iyer ( A,S )

06.  vandanamu raghunandanA – sahAna – Thyagaraja

07.  karuNa jUDU ninnu namminA – shrI – Shyama Shasthry

08.  RTP – mOhanam,hindOLam,darbAr – mishra jAthi jhampa  x 2kaLai , +1/2 eDuppu

Pallavi line : nannu pAlimpa naDaci vachitivO, sAmaja vara gamanA , rAmAbhi rAmA

tanam and svaras in all 3 ragas

08b.  Tani Avartanam

09. kaliyugadalli – chenchurutti – Purandara Dasa

10.  parama pAda? –  shubha pantuvarALi – ??

11. vEgA nIvu vANi rammanavE (javaLi) – suruTTi – Ramanathapuram Srinivasa Iyengar

12. thillAna 9 dhim tana na thillAna) – brindAvani – Balamuralikrishna

13. rAmachandrAya janaka (mangaLam) – kurinji

He travelled all the way from Vijayawada and reached Bangalore in the afternoon,few hours before the concert, with a bad throat. He had to come and perform within a short span of time. In spite of all that he gave a  non truncated full concert at Ranjani Fine Arts last evening. He was struggling with the voice and was giving the indication of his difficulties, often massaging his through with his fingers and sipping from the flask to soothe the pain. Given the circumstances, he sang within the physical limits.

Concert started with hamadhwani varnam, where he chose to sing the pallavi line in two speed , poorvangam in slow speed and the uttarangam in the standard second speed. Malahari that followed was very good. The swaras he sung for pancha matanga mukha is the best part of the concert, brilliant stuff.

A mohanakalyani song ( very filmish it sounded) and bindualini kriti came soon before the first alapana in latangi. Not expanding much, no traversing through multiple octaves , but soft subtle alapana from the vocalist. M S Govindaswamy played a beautiful alapana on his turn. No beraval – in fact no neraval in the entire concert- but elaborate swaras followed. In the middle, there was a visible drift in the swaras, and I thought there could be a ‘swarabhedam’ or sort. It later sounded mostly a slip or what KSSR commented as ‘vishEshAl prayOgam’. Very emotive sahana and shri ragam came in succession, both were sung melodiously with a lot of emotive depth.

A three raga pallavi was the choice of main, which was a good idea given the condition of his health. Started with a long mohanam alapana, continued to hindolam and darbar alternating with the violin. Darbar, especially was very very good. Tanam was pretty decent. Pallavi line composed from the pallavi lines of three Thyagaraja kritis in the respective ragas did not sound very innovative.  He did sing some intricate trikalam with some clever mix. Srikant was very active through out the evening and played an impressive tani avartanam in a complicated mishrajati jhumpa.

Post main had a devarnama, a Poochi javali ( he sang only one charanam) and Brindavani thillana of BMK. Probably, yesterday’s concert is not the yardstick to know his calibre. I am looking forward to his next visit here.


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