Sanjay Subrahmanyan, Nadasurabhi Annual Music Festival 3rd Nov,2015

04 Nov

Vocal : Sanjay Subrahmanyan

Violin : S Varadarajan

Mrudangam : Neyveli Venkatesh

Ganjira : Alathur RajaGanesh


01.  sAmi ni rammanavE (varNam) – kEdAram – Thiruvottiyur Thyagayya

02.  ninnu jUci – saurAshtrAm – Patnam Subramanya Iyer ( S )

03. parAtpara paramEshwara – vAcaspati – Papanasam Sivan

04. parama krpA sAgari – yadukulakAmbOji – GNB  ( A,N,S )

neraval & swara @ ‘sakala vEdAgama sArE sAdhuhrdaya vihArE ‘

05.  upachAramulanu chEkOnavayya – bhairavi – Thyagaraja  ( A,N,S,T)

neraval & swara @’kapaTa nATaka sUtradhArivai’

06.  santAnagOpAla krSNam – khamAs – Dikshitar

07. RTP – nAgasvarALi  – mishra naDai x 5 avartanam to complete the pallavi line +1 eduppu

pallavi line : shivachidambaramE darisikka manamE , janam illai idu nijamE

swaras in nagaswarali and shrutibhedam to hamsadhwani

08 shiva chidambaramE darisikka – nAgasvarALi – Papavinasa Mudaliar ??

09. nAmasudhArasam – kApi – Swathi Thirunal

10.  viruttam ( vizhikku tuNai ) – mOhanam , jOnpuri

mUvAsai kOpam ( tirupugazh) – jOnpuri

11.  mangaLam – saurAshtram – Thyagaraja

The inaugural  concert of the Nadasurabhi Annual Festival started with a bang. Another brilliant concert yesterday by Sanjay. The large audience, braving the rain and traffic,witnessed to some outstanding music in the evening. Started 20-25 mins post 6:00 pm after the short inaugural function, the artists quickly started the proceedings with a kEdAram varnam. The following saurashtram kriti of Patnam Subramanya Iyer came with some nice rounds of swaras finishing it with a long moving phrases. Quick paratpara in vachaspati came in soon. No alapana until now.

Yadukula kambojialapana was the first to come. Some of the slow , melodious early phrases were extremely pleasing. The only sour points in the concert was the tu,tu,tu towards the end. I am not sure what is so appealing in this. Varadarajan’s return was chaste. GNB’s kriti is a welcome change. I’ve heard this a couple of times from Ranganatha Sharma. Neraval and swara were very impressive too.

Bhairavi was the main and what a treat, every instance was cherishable. Again, the early alapana were tremendous, some exquisite phrases, very ‘teasingly’ brilliant stretches, nice pauses. Soon the alapana moved to the upper octave and was lingered around there for the rest of the time. Top class stuff. Varadarajan was measured to the lead singer in his turn, mostly playing around the same theme. From the way the alapana was evolving, we could predict the kriti that was to follow and upacharamulanu it was. Awesome it was.  The kriti, the fabulous neraval he did especially around the words ‘nAtaka sUtradhAra’, and an outstanding kalpana swaras. Some of the laya intricacies or complexities that he exhibited and executed was shear class. I think he also tried ‘sankernam’ apart from tisram, khandam and misram during some of the swara phrases. Varadarajan was impeccably followed each of these sojourns and to alesser extend by the percussion team. Venkatesh and Rajaganesh played out a good tani avartanam.

After a short khamas, he started the nagaswarali alapana. A rather shortish alapana had a clever shrutibhedam to hamsadhwani , raising hopes for a replay of the famous Balamuralikrishna ‘shrutibhedam’ pallavi in nagaswarali + hamsadhwani. Varadarajan in his turn did exactly the same, but was more explicit with hamsadhwani, playing a short phrase from vAtApi ganapatim. This is the first time, I see Sanjay doing a shruti bhedam. There was no hamsadhwani alapana as he started tanam. As expected from him, it was elaborate and very well done. Pallavi, if I am not mistaken, taken from the pallavi line of the nagaswarali kriti ( probably written by Papavinasa Mudaliar). Pallavi was again awesome, with him doing trikalam in typical two speed variation and ’tisram’ ( looks like tisram in mishra gati ) with the rest of them supporting him aptly. Varadarajan again was superb here. Swaras that followed was again very good. There was no ragamalika swaras but he did a similar swarabhedam to hamsadhwani as he did in the alapana. Brilliant stuff.

Concert concluded soon with a Swhathi kriti in kApi,again not often heard, and a short viruttam followed by thirupugazh. There was a short piece of paper handed over to  Sanjay, which now I guess was the message to wind up and not a song request.

Edit :  I stand corrected. It was a listeners request, and Sanjay did not seems to have yielded to that request.

Very very good concert. Both the bhairavi and the nagaswarali pallavi will be in memory for a long time. Good start to the week long festival.

Please also read an account of the same concert by Sri Mohan here :

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