Guru Utsava @ Ranjani Fine Arts , 12th July 2014

13 Jul

On the occasion of ‘guru poornima’ Ranjani Fine Arts come up with an innovative idea to celebrate the day with the performances of music teachers in the vicinity.  Day 1 was set aside for Carnatic Music and the Day 2 is for Hindustani. There were nearly 18 concerts of 30 mins duration , yesterday for Carnatic music.  I couldn’t make it to the first half of the proceedings, but did catch up with 9 concerts ( 2 of them partially) yesterday. It will be difficult to look at each of the concert in isolation, but to look at the major points.  We should also note the shear variety of kritis, the attempts by music teachers – few highly established and reknown as performers, and a few probably are getting a stage – to showcase their capabilities in front of their disciples as well as the music lovers.

An event like this guarantee participation from the students and their parents, hence there was no dearth of audience for the performance, though it thinned towards the end. I was very impressed with the way it was organised and the way teachers as well as the students absorbed the event to its fullest intent and potential. Kudos to the organisers.

Here are what transpired on stage, while I was 100% present. The list is only to demonstrate the vast knowledge and repertoire that these elite musicians held in themselves. I will not get into the details of each of them. Given 30 mins to each, it would be a tough task to come up with a satisfying performance, but most of them did a commendable job. Unusual, heavy weight kritis chosen to elaborate after a short introductory piece ( varnam in a few cases) and winding up with a devarnama. Most of them limited their concert to 3 or 4 kritis, but making an impact with one of them in particular.

Sumitra Nitin, chose to sing to the occasion with cleverly picked kritis on the theme ‘guru’,each of them brilliantly sang while Vid Bhagyalakshmi Chandrasekhar, in her meditative mood, lifted the entire audience to a different mood with her music.She played a breathtaking alapana for Andolika. Shobha Kukke with a cracker of neraval for a rather rarely heard kriti in rAmapriya of Vasudevachar, Vid Rajalakshmi with a bEgaDa, Chitra Srikanth gave another gem in dharmavath , a dasara pada by Vijaya Vittala Dasa , apt for the occasion. Priyasri Rao gave an elaborate alapana in bhairavi and decided to sing ‘sari evvaramma’ in Khanda Jhumpa (?). Highly talented Arun Achanta, gave the final performance with a skillful ritigaula.

The supporting artist did a decent job. RSR Srikanth was awesome, lifting the concerts with his brilliant accompaniment. His disciple Swaminathan, did a commendable job. Prema Vivek , Anirudh and Chandramouli on violin was good. T Raghavendran, playing for Arun Achanta, had the only chance to play a tani avartanam , albeit short, and was impressive.

Here is the list :

Shobha Kukke (vocal) – Vid Shylaja ( Vocal Support) – Pramod Keshav ? ( violin) – Sridhar Rao ( Mrudangam)

01. chalamEla jEsE (varNam) – nAtakurinji –  Rangaswami Nattuvanar

02. nIvE nannu paripAlinchutaku – kAmbOji – Misu Krishnaiyer ( A )

03.  SrI vAsudEva SrI ramaNa mAm pAhi – rAmapriya – Mysore Vasudevachar ( A,N,S )

neraval and swara @ ‘ navanIta dadhi chOra nandagOpakumAra’

04. sundara mUruthy mukhya prANA – khamAs? – Purandara Dasa

Rajalakshmi ( Veena) – V Anirudh ( violin) – Swaminathan ( Mrudangam)

01.  varNam – valachi – Lalgudi Jayaraman

02.  Sankari nIvE – bEgaDa – Subbaraya Sasthri  ( A )

03.  jananI ninnu vinA – rItigauLa – Subbaraya Sasthri ( A )

04.  rAma manthrava japisO – jOnpuri – Purandara Dasa

Chitra Srikanth ( vocal) – Cnahdramouli ( voilin) – RSR Srikanth ( Mrudangam)

01. guruvaruLum tiruvaruLum – AbhOgi – Gaurishankar Stapathi

02.  guru purandara dAsarE – dharmavathi – Vijaya Vittala Dasa ( A,S )

03.  alOkayE SrI bAlakrishNam – ?  – Narayana Theertha

04. sai bhajan

Priyasri Rao ( vocal) – Prema Vivek ( Violin ) – RSR Srikanth ( mrudangam)

01.  aruL seyya vENum ayya – rasikapriya – Koteeswara Iyer ( S )

02.  sari evvaramma – bhairavi – Shyama Sasthri ( A,N,S )

neraval & swara @’ mAdhava sOdari gaurI’

03.  tillAna ( tana dhIm jhum tadhIm tana dhiraNA) – kadana kuthuhalam ? –  Lalgudi Jayaraman

Sumitra Nitin ( vocal) – Prema Vivek (violin) – RSR Srikanth ( mrudangam)

01.  SLOkam ( gurur brahmA gurur vishNu..) – hamsAnandi

guruvina gulAma – hamsAnandi – Purandara Dasa ( S )

02.  jagadgurO dayAnidhE – aThANa – Muthaiah Bhagavathar ( A,N,S )

neraval & swara @ ‘ nigamAgamasAra suguNa nitya shuddha muktulaina

03.  SLOkam ( pUjyAya rAghavEndrAya) – nIlAmbari

lAli lAli lAli lAli, lAli rAghavEndra lAli – nIlAmbari – Jagannatha Vittala

Bhagyalakshmi Chandrasekhar ( Veena ) – RSR Srikanth ( mrudangam)

01. aruLpuri ainkaranE – saraswathi – Papanasam Sivan ( O,S )

02.  rAga sudhA rasa – AndOLika – Thyagaraja ( A )

03.  kusumAkara shObhita – kOsalam – Dikshitar ( A,t)

04.  taruNam Idamma – gauLipantu – Shyama Sasthri

05. pAhi kalyANa rAma (divya nAma kIrthanam) – kApi – thyagaraja ( A )

06.  SrI rAma rAma rAma ( utsava sampradaya kriti) – nIlAmbari – Thyagaraja

07. dEvarnAma ( … sthita vendu..) – rEvati – Purandara Dasa

08. SLOkam ( manthra pushpam ? )

Arun Achanta ( vocal) – Chandramouli ( violin) – Raghavendran T ( mrudangam)

01. intha chaukasEya ( varNam) – kAmavardhani – Mysore Sadashiva Rao

02. jananI ninnu vinA – rItigauLa – Subbaraya Sasthri  ( A,N,S,T )

neraval & swara @’ tAmasamu sEyakane brOvumu’

03. mangaLam – saurAshtram – Thyagaraja


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