Malladi Brothers @ Ranjani Fine Arts , Bellundur , 2nd Annual Festival 08 Feb 2014

09 Feb

Vocal : Malladi brothers

Violin : H K Venkatram

Mrudangam : M L N Raju

Ghatam : Srishylan


01. vAggEyakAra vandana SLOkam ( brahmi brahmasutoucha tumburu jagad prANa) – hamsadhwani

vandEnisham aham vAraNa vadanam – hamsadhwani – Mysore Vasudevacharya ( S )

02.  gOpAlaka pAhimAm aniSam – rEvagupti – Swathi Thirunal ( A,S )

03.  uNDEdi rAmuDu – hari kAmbOji – ThyagarAja ( short sketch)

04.  nI maTi challaga nannu brOchuTa – Anandabhairavi – Mathrubhutayya

05.  rAmanAtham bhajEham – pantuvarALi (kASi rAmakriya) – Dikshitar ( A,N,S )

neraval & swara @ ‘kumAra guruguha vinutam kapi brindAdi sannutam’

06.  anyAyamu sEyakurA – kApi – Thyagaraja

07.  EnATi nOmu phalamO – bhairavi – Thyagaraja ( A,N,S,T )

neraval @ swara @ ‘sundarESa suguNabrinda dASarathanandana aravindanayana pAvana’

08.  iDatu padam tUkkiyADum – khamAs – Papanasam Sivan

09. rAma rAma rAma sItA rAma ennirO – tilang – Purandara Dasa

10.  pAhi pAhimAm parama kripAlO – jOnpuri – Narayana Theertha

11.  rAmachandruDitaDu rAghavEndruDu – dwijAvanti – Annamacharya ( O )

12.  viSwESwar darSan kar – sindhu bhairavi – Swathi Thirunal ( O )

13.  SLOkam ( rAma brahmAkhyam vidyEndra suputram lOka viSrutam) – surutti

The inaugural concert of the 2nd Annual Festival of Ranjani Fine Arts started with a good concert by Malladi Brothers. A typical concert what we expect from the duo, couple of long alapana, nice and varied selection of kritis, impeccable delivery of sahityam and the involvement of the supporting artists as well as the audience.

Concert started with a slokam dedicated to the vaggeyakaras in hamsadhwani followed by Mysore Vasudevachar’s vandenisham. Very nice rounds of swaras added to the kriti. Ravikumar and Venkatram did a short alapana in rEvagupti ahead of gOpAlaka pAhimAm of Swathi Thirunal. The ‘madhyamakala’ sahityam was sung to some nice effect, despite a small stumble in the middle ( both were referring to the written notes and caused some confusion).  Undedi ramudu came with a short sktech from Ram Prasad, a kriti apparently was in favour yesterday ( I hear Ranjani& Gayathri sang the same at Gayana Samaja , in detail).

Pantuvarali was the first major alapana of the day, after a short filler in Ananda bhairavi. Ravi kumar launched into it in style with many shades of the raga. HKV played more traditional pantuvarali, allaying the mild confusion I had. Neraval was at kumara guruguha, and was top class as expected , so was the brilliant sets of kalpana swaras. A pantuvarali in the beginning of a concert can give a definite lift to the overall impact of the concert.

Bhairavi main brought in a lot of cheer. Alapana was decent, shared between the brothers. Ravikumar’s takes in the second half of the alapana brought in a lot more virtuosity to the fair. HKV played beautifully in his turn. EnATi nOmu was a pleasant surprise. Under represented in concerts, this kriti has a lot of scope and beautiful lyrics. The neraval line was fabulous and long. However to my disappointment, the neraval lasted only three cycles. A little more elaboration and deliberation for neraval would have made my day. I was expecting a pallavi to follow, as they somewhat rushed through the kalpana swaras. The percussion team was very effective through out and played a brilliant tani avartanam.

Post main, consisted of their typical long list of kritis. The short huming of dwijavanti and sindhubhairavi added to the glamour. The selection of kritis were also impressive. In all, another typical Malladi fair, always satisfying, not necessarily exhilarating. Good start to the 2 weekend festivities at the Ranjani Fine Arts.


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3 responses to “Malladi Brothers @ Ranjani Fine Arts , Bellundur , 2nd Annual Festival 08 Feb 2014

  1. Jayasree

    February 13, 2014 at 10:11 am

    Hello, How to get tickets for the Odukathur Mutt programs?


  2. Jayan

    February 9, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    I dont think there was a web cast. You might wait for Ranjani Fine Arts to upload few snippets in their website.

  3. Shubhada

    February 9, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Would you know if this was telecast live ? I did see the ‘Shale’ livestreaming folks videograph it.. ? Which would mean this might be available for viewing for some more time ? 🙂


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