Bhagyalakshmi Chandrasekaran, Veena Concert @ Nadasurabhi Cultural Association, 15th Dec 2013

16 Dec

Veena : Bhagyalakshmi Chandrasekaran

Mrudangam : Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma

Morsing : M. Gururaj


01. varNam  – nAyaki – Kothavasal Venkataramana Iyer ( O )

02. bhajamAnasa vighnESwaram – bahudhAri – Tulaseevanam ( A,S )

03. saraswati namOstutE – saraswati – N S Ramachandran ( A,S )

04. parama purusham – laLitA panchamam – Swathi Thirunal ( A,S )

05. ethanAi nAL tEDi vandEnE – husEni – Achutadasar ( O )

06. RTP – nAttakurinji – chaturasra jhumpa x 2 kaLai  +3 eduppu

tAnam in Natakurinji , nAttai, gauLa, Arabhi, varALi, SrI

pallavi line :  *       ( couldn’t decipher)

rAgamAlika swarams in shivaranjani, brindAvana sAranga, shubhapantuvarALi, rEvati

tani Avartanam

07. manadir kugandadu ? – sindhubhairavi – Tanjavur Sankara Iyer   ( O )

08. harivarAsanam

09. bhajarE yadunAtham – pIlu – Sadashiva Brahmendra

10. xxx dEviyE sharaNam sharaNam – kurinji – Jaya Anantharaman

11. kAvadi chindu

12. ??  ( another kAvadi chindu?)

13. tungA tIra virAjam – sAlaga bhairavi – Kamalesha Vittala Dasa

14. karuNA jaladhE – nAthanAmakriya – Thyagaraja

15. tirupati venkaTa ramaNA – kannaDa ? – Purandara Dasa?

16. rAmachandrAya janaka (mangaLam) – kurinji – Bhadrachala Ramadas

SLOkam ( manthra pushpam)

The last time I heard her ( at Ranjani Fine Arts), she won everyone’s heart with some exquisite veena playing. The dwijavanti still linger in my memory. Hence the expectation was very high as I entered the hall. It was 4:10 and she was already seated , ready to start. The hall was sparsely populated, a surprise as Nadasurabhi has one of the best captive audiences we can find. The organisers delayed the ‘kick-off’ to another 5 minute by reminding her that the concert is scheduled to begin at 4:15. Luckily and to the goodness of music, the hall filled up as the concert progressed and stayed on until the end of concert, deservedly so.

Yet again, she started off giving me goose bumps, with that short nAyaki sketch. The music originated from those nimble fingers, spread across the room to the minds of the people. A beautiful bahudhari alapana, short and nice saraswati came in full splendor adorned with classicism, continued with few rounds of kalpana swaram for both. Lalitha panchamam alapana was a bit longer, compared to the previous.This was probably, the first time I am hearing an alapana for lalitapanchamam. Swathi Thirunal’s kriti was again brilliant. Another bhava filled husEni came in before the main.

Natakurinji was taken up as main, probably a bit early in the concert, as there was no other detailed piece she performed. The alapana was detailed and proved her mettle again. But what was more appealing was the tanam that followed. Easily switching from one raga to the other in a seamless execution, the effect she created was spellbinding. She did sing the pallavi line along, but I did have difficulty in deciphering the words. The ragamalika swaras were equally eloquent. Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma and Gururaj, two senior percussion vidvans supported the concert very well through out the evening, beautifully playing along with the instrument. The duo, later played an amazing tani avartanam.

Post main has a long chain of kritis, which kindle the thought that she could have probably included another big piece before the main. However, the long list of ‘tukkadas’ were impressive. The short sindhu bhairavi and nAthanAmakriya raga sketches she played were beautiful. Another beautiful concert from the vidushi yesterday at Nadasurabhi.

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