Smt Bhagyalakshmi Chandrasekharan @ Ranjani Fine Arts, 12th Oct 2013

13 Oct

Veena : Bhagyalakshmi Chandrasekharan

Mrudangam :  C. Cheluvaraju

Ghatam :  N. Gurumurthy


01.  viribONi ( varNAm ) – bhairavi – Pachimirium Adiappayya  ( O )

02.  siddhi vinAyakam anisham – chAmaram ( shaNmukhapriya) – Dikshitar ( A,S )

03.  akhilANDESwari – dwijAvanti – Dikshitar  ( A )

04.  saraswati namOStutE – saraswati – N S Ramachandran ( A )

05. SrI dum durgE – srI ranjani – Dikshitar ( A,S )

06. mAtADadE mannAru krishna  – behAg – Vijaya Vittala Dasa

07.  aruLa vENDum tAyE – sAramati – MM Dandapani Desikar ( O )

08.  rAma rAma krishNA – gauLipant – Thyagaraja

09.  bhUri bhAgya lahari – pratApa varALi – Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar

10. RTP – kIravANi – khanda triputa   starting ( eDuppu) at +1

‘ghana rAga’ tAna mAlika in nAta, gauLa, Arabhi, varALi and SrI

pallavi line ‘ vANi gIrvANi kIravANi vINApANi mAm pAhi’

rAgamAlika swaras in ‘valaji, shubhapantuvarALi? , dEsh, rEvati

11. Arabhi manam – rAgamAlika – Tarangampadi Panchanada Iyer

12. dEvi bhavAni – jOg – ?  ( A )

13.  karuNA jaladhE dASarathE – nAdhanAmakriya – Thyagaraja

14. rAmachandrAya janaka ( mangaLam)- kurinji – Bhadrachala Ramadas

SLOkam ( shanthi manthram)

What a blissful evening. Such a serene and pristine concert. The Veena sang, she sang along, to herself at times, louder at other times. The music flowed out of her instruments, occasional shruthi realingment, nothing else distracted her or interrupted the proceedings. I closed my eyes (and listened) through out the concert. What an evening of music.

I am not picking and choosing one kriti from the rest. But had I been listening to this dwijavanti on a record, or on the TV, I would have switched off the device and refused to listen to anything else for the rest of the day. The four or five minutes of dwijavanti alapana was, for want of the right word, out of this world. Those four minutes made my day.

Shanmukhapriya, Saraswati and to a lesser extend Sriranjani each of the alapana were very good. The short kritis that came in before the main, be it behag, saramati, pratapavarali or gowlipant, were noted for the selection and presentation. These aren’t those familiar kritis which are in circulation in the concert circuit as regulars.

Keeravani was grand. Though I am having an overdose of keeravani this year, I was already in a mood to receive anything that was coming from those fingers. A typical grand alapana, followed with somewhat restrained tanam and an elaborate pallavi, with trikalam. Pallavi was the highlight of the day. She played some brilliant kalapramanam both in the pallavi and in the kalpana swaras. Cheluvaraju played brilliantly here. He seems to be correcting the talam, by gesturing his assistant ( the man with ghatam, in general had a silent day). Cheluvaraju, seems to be enjoying the concert as we were at the audience, and every response from him was measured and going with the spirit of the evening. He played a decent tani avartanam along with his disciple on Ghatam.

I said enough. Go listen to her if you get a chance !

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One response to “Smt Bhagyalakshmi Chandrasekharan @ Ranjani Fine Arts, 12th Oct 2013

  1. Raghavan

    November 30, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    She is in fact performing in Nadasurabhi on 15th December at 4.15 pm


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