Kottakkal Madhu & Nedumballi Ram Mohan, Kathakali pada katcheri, Sahrdaya, Keshavakalpa Sabhangane, Malleswaram 27th july 2013

28 Jul

Ponnani : Kottakkal Madhu

Shinkidi : Nedumballi Ram Mohan

Chenda : Sadanam Ramakrishnan

Maddalam : Kalamandalam Venu

Edakka : Peringode Subramanian


01.  harihara vidhinuta – rAgamAlika ( darbAri kAnaDa, sahAna, Anandabhairavi, sindhubhairavi) – thODayam

02.  SLOkam ( pItAmbaram karavirAjitam) – SrI

ajitA harE jaya – SrI – kuchElavrutam

03.  shArada rajani varunnu tEril – Arabhi – arjuna vishAda vrittam ( O )

04.  SLOkam ( tvavAt vaikunTa vAmEtara ) – nAtakurinji

mAdhava jaya shaurE – nAtakurinji – kirmIra vadham

05.  SLOkam ( kAnthan kaninju parayunnoru) – pUrvikalyANi

sAmyam akannoru udyAnam – pUrvi kalyANi – naLacharitam Day 2

sarvartu ramaNIyam – kharaharapriya – naLacharitam Day 2

06.  Siva Siva enthu cheyvU – ghaNTAram – naLacharitham Day 1

07.  karNA,  pArtha sadruSan Ariha – brindAvana sArang – uttarA swayamvaram

08.  entiha man mAnasE – hindOLam – karNa SapatHam  ( A )

09.  vIra virATa kumAra vibhO (kummi)- USAni (husEni) – uttarA swayamvaram

10.  SLOkam ( iTi sa NrupatinA khagO visrushtO ) – kAmOdari – naLacharitam Day1

UrjitA ASaya pArthiha tAva – kAmOdari ( kAmbOji) – naLacharitam Day1

tani Avartanam (cheNDa,maddaLam,eDakka)

11.  SLOkam ( sudEvOktam  swadayitanO ) – dwijAvanti – naLacharitam Day3

maRimAn kaNNi mauliyuDE – dwijAvanti – naLacharitam Day3

12.  thillAna ( ta ta kiTa takkiTa ) – bhAgEshri – Kottakkal Madhu (on the deity of Kottakkal)

13.  pushkara vilOchana – surutti – kuchElavruttam

14.  padma vallabha pAlaya bhagawan – madhyamAvathi –  ?

SLOkam ( srI kAnthAya mukundAya) – madhyamAvathi

Kathakali pada katcheri is in practice just over two decades, mostly during the festivities conducted in the namboodiri house holds. Kalamandalam Sankaran Embranthiri, arguably, the first to popularise this genre, creating an identity beyond the limits of the Kathakali performances. The events are now moved away from the night programs to a day affair, the carnatic style of singing ( or the influence there of), and the choices of padams were some trademarks of this katcheris. As an art form, this is still in its nascent stage and the experimentation, to find the right balance, is still on. The scope and expandability of capabilities are limited within the construct of the kathakali padam, few attempts to improvise ( and to make it similar to a carnatic concert) is evident in the performance witnessed yesterday.

Sahrdaya, a collective of few enthusiasts, put together their first program by inviting two leading exponents of this concert form. The small hall was largely filled with the listeners, to their credit. the concert itself was carefully and meticulously planned, by choosing many well known padams from traditional ‘katha’ and few newer ones like ‘arjuna vishAda yOgam’. Alternating slow padams with a faster ones, choosing ragams carefulle from traditional kathakali ragams to few new experiments ( brindavana saranga, arabhi), the useni padam popular with thiruvathirakali; it was a well thought out presentation. The duo later told me that they had to skip a few ( pADi for example) due to time issues.

Sri Madhu and Ram Mohan, started their concert with the ‘gaNapati stuti’ , harihara vidhinuta, from the thODayam with interesting mix of ragams. The ‘superhit’ ajitA harE in sri came in its all grandeur with the typical sangathis, familiar to the traditional listeners. Arabhi padam, from the new ‘attakatha’ wasn’t all that appealing to me. Ghantaram padam of Hamsam to naLa was marked by emotive rendering.

To me, ‘entiha man mAnasE’ exhibit hindOLam in its ultimate beauty. The duo sang a detailed alapana ( in akara singing) brilliantly, before launching into the slow padam, encapsulating the contemplative mood of karNa who seems to be asking himself those existential questions about his birth and his worth. A quick ‘kummi’ from uttaraswayamvaram came in as a filler after the ultra slow hindolam, before the ‘main’ kAmbOji. A shortish alapana ( as part of the slokam) was pretty neat, and interestingly , it was UrjitA Ashaya from Nalacharitham that was sung ( I was routing for hariNAkshi). Elaborate sangatis at ‘mAlini rUpiNi sheelavathi’ was very good, which seems to go on and on.

The percussion had their chance with a ‘carnatic concert’ type tani avartanam. They played the similar korvai and muktayi as a mrudangam and ganjira vidwan would do in a carnatic concert.

One of my favourite, marimAn kanni, was to come next. I haven’t heard a better composition in dwijavanti. Unlike ‘chetasri balakrishna’  or ‘akhilandeswari’, this padam seems to take a different path in dwijavanti, apt to the mood of Nala.

A thillana in bhageshri, with the charanam lines ‘srI vishwambharAya namastE’ n the deity of Kottakkal, set to tune by Madhu himself, followed the typical kathakali sancharas. The evening concluded with the surutti padam from kuchelavruttam ( interestingly, the pallavi line came in at the last) before a madhyamavathi slokam.

These are rare chances we get in Bangalore to listen to Kathakali padams, and as a listener, one wanted more to come. With the given constraints of time, the team put together a fabulous show with some beautiful padams , with clever and appropriate planning.


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4 responses to “Kottakkal Madhu & Nedumballi Ram Mohan, Kathakali pada katcheri, Sahrdaya, Keshavakalpa Sabhangane, Malleswaram 27th july 2013

  1. Jayan

    July 28, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    check out at That is the most comprehensive site now with decent collection, online radio, download option etc.

  2. Ramkumar

    July 28, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    Hi Jayan

    I missed this rare concert ! List shows that it was good selection of padams.

    Is there any site which has good collections of Kathakali padams? especially this duo!

  3. Jayan

    July 28, 2013 at 11:53 am

    Thanks. Will correct.

  4. KathakaliPADAM (@kathakalipadam)

    July 28, 2013 at 11:50 am

    well presented 🙂 .. btw it’s Arjuna Vishada Vrittham


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