Modumudi Sudhakar @ BTM Cultural Academy Aradhana Mahotsava 24 Jan 2013

25 Jan

Vocal  : Modumudi Sudhakar

Violin :  B K Raghu

Mrudangam : C Cheluvaraju
Ghatam :  Dayanand Mohite
Morsing :  S V Balakrishna
Theme : Annamacharya Aradhana
—————————– not sure how many I’ve missed ————————
05  koNdalalO nelakonna – hindOLam – Annamacharya  (  ??, S )
06  okapari kokapari koyyAramai – kharaharapriya – Annamacharya
07  enta mAtramuna –  brindavana saranga + rAgamalika  – Annamacharya ( O )
08  nalani meni naguvu bhUpula – pUrvi kalyANi – Annamacharya ( A,N,S,T )
      neraval & Swara @ ‘nallani mEni nagavu cUpula vADu tellani kannula dEvuDu’
09  parama pAdakuDu – shubhALi? –  Modumudi Sudhakar ??
10  muddugArE yashOda – kurinji – Annamacharya
Sri Modumudi Sudhakar is another artist I wanted to listen to. My previous experience of listening to him was a couple of Doordarshan telecast, which was impressive.  He too comes with a rich voice, with clear strength at lower octaves ( he did have issues at the high octaves yesterday). One has to listen to the entire concert to realy have an opinion. This case, I could not reach back from a business call, to experience that. Hence my observation is limited to the little that I’ve heard.
As I was entering the hall, the hindOlam kriti was going on. I am not sure of what was performed prior to this, and if there was any alap or neraval for this kriti. But what I enjoyed was the kalpana swaras, especially the long continuous swaras towards the end. Unlike the previous concert ( of Abhishek), he did it with such a soothing fashion, never getting hyper, never ever raising the tempo or voice, but with control and command. Kharaharapriya kriti came with no ‘baroque-ness’, played plain and simple followed by a ragamalika kriti. The short huming of Brindavana saranga was nice.
The main poorvikalyani alapana was decent, nothing to talk home about. The violin return was also apt. A not so familiar kriti ( in fact except okapari and muddgare, the rest of them were new to me) was sung. He choose to do neraval at the pallavi line, which was very good. Again, the kalpana swaras were brilliant. Very similar to the earlier hindolam expereiance, taking it to a brilliant closure.  The percussion trio completed their tani avartanam in quick time.
Post main had a kriti sung in shubhALi ragam.  I heard him saying it was composed by him. I could be wrong here. He said, this is Shubhali, a janya of shubhapantuvarali without the panchamam. The concert was concluded with the popular muddugare yashoda, which I think wsa a request, a shout from a gentle man in the front rows.

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2 responses to “Modumudi Sudhakar @ BTM Cultural Academy Aradhana Mahotsava 24 Jan 2013

  1. Jayan

    January 25, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    Thank you AG.. I was about to ask you. I have missed a great deal.

  2. Anand Ganapathy

    January 25, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    Modumudi Sudhakar sang the following songs before you came in:

    1.) Vade Venkatadri – Vasantha – Annamacharya

    2.) Bramha kadigina – Mukhari – Annamacharya

    3.) RamachandruNItudu – Dwijawanti – Annamacharya

    4.) UnnatoNutdu – Sunadavinodini – Annamacharya

    5.) Ramudu Raghavudu – KAnada – Annamacharya

    6.) Narayanate Namo Namo – Behag – Annamacharya


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