Mysore Nagaraj& Manjunath, Raga Sambhrama, Chowdiah Memorial Hall 03 Feb 2012

04 Feb

Violin Duet : Mysore Nagaraj & Dr.Manjunath

Mrudangam : Arjunkumar

Ghatam : Giridhar Udupa

Organised by : Bharatiya Saamagaana Sabha

Raga : Hindolam

Day 3 of the Raga Sambhrama Festival organised by bharatiya Saamagaana Sabha. I missed the first 2 days, and the first concert of the 3rd day. I liked the ida of ‘rAga sambhrama’, one hour concert each by the performer on a ‘selected raga’. Having Shanmukhapriya ( Abhishek Raghuram),Sarasangi ( Shashank), Keeravani ( Unnikrishnan) on Day 1, Shulini ( R K Padmanabha) , Darbari Kanada( Jayatheerth Mevundi -hindustani) and Mohanam( Ganesh&Kumaresh) on Day 2, Day 3 was for Thodi , Hindolam and Anandabhairavi. I missed the Thodi of Rudrapatnam Brothers.

01   alapana – hindOLa

         tAnam – hindOLa

        pallavi ‘ kailAsapatE paSupatE umApatE’

        no Ragaalika swara

        tani avartanam

Myspre Brothers, chose to sing a pallavi in hindolam. Manjunath anchored the proceedings, and started the alap in mellifluous way. Detailing the phrases slow and deliberate, easing into the faster paced and higher octave prayogas, alternating between them, I personaly liked the alapana.  I thought, Manjunath cleverly incorporated  some folkish tunes brilliantly into the alap. Thanam was rather short, but highly effective. Being a shorter version of the concert, I thought it would have been appropriate to have the percussion to join in for tanam. Manujnaths closure rounds of tanam was brilliant. 

Pallavi was set to Adi ( chatursra triputa) and deploying ‘naDai’ variations. Pallavi was good, but the highlights were on the kalpana swara that followed. It was the typical affair, one expect in their concert. Beginning in slow shorter variations, increasing hte duration and the speed, reaching the cresendo in high speeed and high octave , mesmerising the audience as it progressed, ending with a thuderous applause fro mthe audience. These efforts were amply supported by equaly enthused and excited percussion team.

While there was no ragamalika swaras, which could have added some flavour to the overall concert, they gave sufficient time for a short tani avartanam. Arjunkumar and Giridhar Udupa, made the best use of the time given to them with some brilliant ‘stroke play’ ( apologise for the use of such word).

As the ‘expert’ who commented in his speech, for the first time, the concert was apt to the name of the series, ‘raga sambhrama’. Good 1 hr concert by Mysore Nagaraj and Dr.Manjunath with a captivating hindola.


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