Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam, GJR Krishnan & Vijayalakshmi Ramanavami , Seshadripuram 26 Apr,2009

27 Apr

Violin Trio : Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam

                         Lalgudi GJR Krishnan

                         Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi

Mrudangam : Arjunkumar

Ghatam : Giridhar Udupa

Song list :

01 vallabhE nAyaka ( varNam) – mOhanakalyANi – Lalgudi Jayaraman

02 srI mahAgaNapati – gauLa –  Muthuswami Dikshitar

03 koluvai unnADe – bhairavi – Thyagaraja ( S )

04 rAmachandram bhAvayAmi – vasantha – Muthuswami Dikshitar ( A,S )  – alapana by Smt Srimathi Brahmanandam

05 mOkshamu galada – sAramati – Thyagaraja

06 marivEre  – latAngi – Patnam Subramanya Iyer  ( A,N,S ) – alapana by Vijayalakshmi

07 swara rAga sudhA – SankarAbharaNam – Thyagaraja ( A,S,T) – alapana by Krishnan

       tani avartanam

08 RTP – brindAvani – tisra ata, 2 kaLai

      pallavi line ‘ srI rAmachandram bhajE shyAmaLam, janaka sutA manOharam’

      rAgamAlika swaras in kAnaDa, sAvEri , sAranga , dEsh, bhAgEshri? , behAg

09 jagadOdhAraNa – kApi – Purandara Dasa

10 thIrAtha viLayAttu piLLai – rAgamAlika – Subrahmanya Bharati

11 thillAna – tilang – Lalgudi Jayaraman

12 mangaLam – saurAshtram – Thyagaraja

If the concert of Mysore brothers the previous eveining was of power, exhilaration and excitement , this concert was of pure peace, sublime beauty.  Three people from the lalgudi family, one veteran and the other two of the current genre put together a concert to relish for a long time.  I was a bit skeptical with a three party violin recital. My apprehentions were removed from the first varnam itself with the understanding and coordination displayed. At no point of the concert was there any indecision or confusion.  It was equi-participative and with supreme clarity. 

Every piece of the concert was rendered with its flavour and color.  The bhairavi krithi , latangi alapana , the main Sankarabharanam all were treated beautifully to the delight of listenered.  I had given up hope on the pallavi as it was already 9:15 by the time the tani avartanam was finished. By the way, what a tani avartanam it was. Both Arjunkumar and Giridhar Udupa presented an explosive tani matching to the occasion.

The surprise came after the tani avartanam, when Srimati Brahmanandam started the alapana of brindavani. Soon it was clear that we are in for a treat with an RTP. Though it was short ( for 25 mins) it wsa one of top class.  The usual tail pieces included jagadhodharana and a tillana by Lalgudi in tilang. The rain did not play spoil sport on a great evening.

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One response to “Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam, GJR Krishnan & Vijayalakshmi Ramanavami , Seshadripuram 26 Apr,2009

  1. Bala Murali

    July 14, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Is it possible to get a recording of this ocncert?


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