Sanjay Subrahmanyan , Ramanavami concert Fort School, Apr 15, 2009

16 Apr

Vocal : Sanjay Subrahmanyan

Violin : S Varadarajan

Mrudangam : Neyveli Venkatesh

Morsing:  B.Rajasekhar

Songlist :

01 vanajAksha ninne kOri ( varNam) – rItigauLa – Veenai Kuppaiyer

02 bhavanuta – mOhanam – Thyagaraja ( S )

03 enthani nE – mukhAri –  Thyagaraja ( A,N,S )

   neraval & swara @ ‘kanulAra sEvinci kammani phalamula nosagi’

04 srIrAman ravikula – nArAyaNa gauLa – Dikshitar

05 endu dAginADO – thODi – Thyagaraja  ( A,N,S,T)

      neraval & swara @ ‘ alanADu kanakakashipu niNDAru ‘

06 Emayya rAma – kAmbOji – Bhadrachala Ramadas

07 gAnamUrtE – gAnamUrti – Thyagaraja   ( started at mAnini maNi, after the speaches and garlands)

08 RTP – rAgEshrI –  khanda jathi  triputa

     pallavi line ‘ gOvinda alamElmangai maNALA vA tiruvenkata nAthA ‘

     tAnam and swaras in main ragam. No ragamalika swaram. But, he sang swaras in 3 ( or was it 4) speed.

09 lALisidaLu – dEsh & jAunpuri – Purandara Dasa

10 tumbam nErkayil – dEsh – Bharatidasan

11 rAmanai bhajitAl – mAND – Papanasam Sivan

12 mangaLam – saurAshtram – Thyagaraja

Another stupendous concert again from Sanjay.  There wasnt a dull moment from the start.  The swaras of Mohanam, the superb alapana of Mukhari and its neraval, the chowka kala kriti in thOdi after an elaborate alapana, the “expected surprice” of RTP in rAgeshri ..everything is worth mentioning.

Mukhari set the path for a grand concert. When he started the main in thodi, we were expecting one of the tamil composition to follow. However, he choose to sing a not often heard kriti of thyagaraja ( I am hearing this for the first time in live concert). Pretty slow paced rendering with a detailed neraval which took rather longer for his standard. Tani Avartanam was the usual affair from Neyveli Venkatesh with the typical fast paced patterns.

The break, of speeches and garlands came in abrupting his flow. As he started singing gAnamUrte, the organiser started his speech. Sanjay stopped and asked them to continue. This went on for 20 mins, with all the sponsors coming on stage and receiving their greetings, giving us a scare of missing the potential RTP. It wasn’t so, as Sanjay announced that he is singing a pallavi in rageshree, to the delight of the audience. 

Rageshree was an interesting affair. I thought the neraval was fantastic, by both Sanjay and Varadarajan. The swara singing was even more fascinating. Instead of the usual anuloma – pratiloma pattern, he decided to sing the swaras in 3 different speeds, and an additional 4th speed ‘akara’ singing in typical hindustani style.

Post pallavi kritis came in as a medley. He moved from one song to the other without any break.  Desh , in particular was superb. Overall a superb evening. The best so far in this series.

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