Smt. R.Vedavalli @ Essae Music foundation Monthly concert

04 Aug

Vocal : Sangita Kalanidhi Smt.R.Vedavalli

Vocal support: Smt.Sumitra & Smt. Sumati

Violin  : Charulatha Ramanujam

Mrudangam : Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma

Songlist :

01 sarasijAkshi ninne kOri – nAyaki – Rudrapatnam Venkatramayya (?)

02 sari evvarE srI jAnaki ( O,S ) – srIranjani – Thyagaraja

03 enta rANi tanakenta  ( N,S ) – harikAmbOji – Thyagaraja

neraval & swara  @ ” sEshuDu shivuniki bhUshuDu lakshmaNa”

04 praNatArthi harAya – sAmantha – Muthuswami Dikshitar

05 brOva vamma – mAnji – Shyama Sastri

06 EkAmbranAtham bhajasE hum ( A,N,S ) – pUrvikalyANi – Muthuswami Dikshitar

neraval & swara @ ” panchAkshara manthrarUpam prasannarUpam Sivam ”

07 chEtAsri bAlakrishNam ( A ) – dwijAvanti – Muthuswami Dikshitar

08 muNDu vENu – darbAr – Thyagaraja

09 EkAmbrEsa nAyaki  ( R,Tanam,N,S,T) – shaNmukhapriya

rAgam : shaNmukhapriya

tAnam : shaNmukhapriya , rItigauLa , bEgaDa , srI

neraval @ ‘kAnchi nagara nivAsini”

rAgamalika swarams ( after the shanmukhapriya swaras for the krithi) in SAma , mOhanam , behAg and surutti

tani avartanam

10  moguDocci pilacEDu (padam)  – sahAna – Sarangapani

11 anri ivvulagam aLandhAi (thiruppavai) – sindhubhairavi – Andal

12 thillAna ( nAdru dhim dhim tom dhim ) – vasantha – AmmAchattaram Kannusami Pillai

13 mangalam – saurAshtram

slokam ( swasti prajabhya )

It was an outstanding concert. The grand old lady of carnatic music gave the audience of the overflowing hall at essae music foundation an treat to cherish. Pure music at its best display. There was no hurried rendering, no unwanted passages, no elongated swara circus. It was pure bliss. There is nothing specific to mention as the whole concert was in a different level. However, I would like to mention the neraval “panchakshara manthrarUpam prasanna rUpam” from the pUrvikalyAni krithi and the majestic shanmukhapriya alapana, the ragamalika tanam and neraval at ‘kAnchi nagara nivAsini’ and the ragamalika swara followed at the end. Charulatha Ramanujam was very supportive and she was awesome in the main Shanmukhapriya krithi.  Sri Ananthakrishna Sharma was superb handling the percussion dept alone and he summed up his performance with a good tani avartanam.


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2 responses to “Smt. R.Vedavalli @ Essae Music foundation Monthly concert

  1. Jayan

    August 4, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Thanks a lot. i have made the changes.


  2. k

    August 4, 2008 at 11:20 am

    Okay, sorry about the mess – please delete the previous replies.

    11 is an Andal Thiruppavai (Pasuram) – “andru ivvulagam aLandhAi adi pOttri”, so is composed by Andal.


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