Abhishek Raghuram – BTM Cultural Academy 21 June , 2008

22 Jun

Vocal : Abhishek Raghuram

Violin : H K Venkatram

Mrudangam : Arjun Kumar

Ghatam  : M A Krishnamurthy

Song list :

02 yOchana – darbAr – Thagaraja  ( S )

03 duDuku gala – gauLa – Thyagaraja ( O )

04 rAga ratna mAlika che – rItigauLa – Thyagaraja ( A,N,S)

neraval& swara at ‘ bhAgavatOthamuluDi paDE kIrthanamulaka..’

05 RTP – Simhendramadhyamam – Adi

Pallavi line ”  nigama sudhA vinOdini, nIraja dala lOchani sada ..”‘

Pallavi and swaras was rendered in rAgamAlika. WIll update the details later.

Tani Avartanam

06 Vlluvanu – SudhasAvEri – Basavanna

07 mangaLam – saurAshtram

I am attending his concert for the first time, not sure if comes to Bangalore often. He is very promising and is talented.  I reached about 10 min late, and I guess , I missed the varnam.   Reetigaula and Simhendramadhyamam were taken for detailed rendering.  Ragam Tanam Pallavi in Simhendra madhyamam was an elaborated affair. 25mins of Alapana, 12-13 mins of violin return, detailed tAnam , pallavi in rAgamAlika and the swaras to accompany the same pallavi ragas.  It took 1hr 15 min before Arjun Kumar and Krishnamurthy played a superb tani avartanam. His rendering of krithis and the swara singing were very good, however, both the alapanas were not of the style I prefer to hear. Somehow, it did not register with me. On the other hand, Sri Venkatram’s return were apt and traditional.


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2 responses to “Abhishek Raghuram – BTM Cultural Academy 21 June , 2008

  1. R.Saravanan

    June 23, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    Dear Jayan,

    both the alapanas were not of the style I prefer to hear.

    What does this mean?? please explain.Was the raga sang in Hindustani style.



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