Malladi Brothers at Sheshadripuram College May 03, 2008

04 May

Vocal : Malladi Brothers

Violin : H K Venkatram

Mrudangam : M L Narayana Raju

Ganjira : B S Purushotham

Song List:

01. karuNimpa ( varNam) – sahAna – Thiruvottiyur Thiagayya  ( O )

02 gajAnana yanuchu sAdA – thODi – ?    ( S )

swara @ ‘mOdakamunu’

03 palukavEminA – pUrNachandrika – Thyagaraja ( S )

swara @ ‘palukavEmina’

04 ennALu UrakE – shubhapanthuvarALi – Thyagaraja ( A,S )

swara @ sati mAtalADa kinchi

05 nIlOtpalAmbikAyan bhaktim karOmi – pUrva gauLa – Muthuswami Dikshitar

06 nAdupai balikEru – madhyamAvathi – Thyagaraja

07 naDachi naDachi  – kharaharapriya – Thyagaraja  ( A,N,S,T )

neraval & Swara @ ‘puDamisuta sahAyuDai celangE’

08 siva siva bhava SaraNam – saurAshtram – ?

09 slOkam ( sAnthAkAram bhujanga shayanam) – hamIrkalANi

smarisO sarvada hariya  – hamIrkalyANi – Purandara Dasa

10 rAmabhadra rA rA rAmachandra rA rA – SankarAbharaNam  – Bhadrachala Ramadas

11 nanda kadara nanda gOpanandana ? –  ?

12 patiki hArati rE – surutti – Thyagaraja

slokam ( srI rAmachandraku) – surutti

The place was unusually crowded at the Sheshadripuram College.  The concert started very well with the sahAna varnam. However, it did not live upto the expectations, to me atleast. B S Purushotham was the saving grace. He was excellent through out and with Narayana raju ( I’m attending his concert for the first time) gave a superb Tani Avartanam, though they ate into a possible RTP time.

People were coming in and leaving continuously to the discomfort of the artists. Ravikumar made a request to people as “if you have to leave, please do so after a song or before a song. Leaving concert during the alapana of the main krithi is a distraction to the singers and is not expected out of the audience of Bangalore which is ‘culturally vibrant city’. Do you guys do the same thing for a western concert ?”. The last was uncalled for as none of these audience would have been there to a western rock show, barring me! More people left after the main krithi before Taniavartanam, making the other brother comment ” we may have to make another announcement now”.

There was no neraval for any krithis except the main. This had created a hope for an exotic ( raga) RTP. After their kokilapriya at gayana samaja and gamanashramam at fort school,  I thought we can hear another mElakartha raga pallavi. That did not happen , instead a series of small krithis followed.

He made another remark on the madhyamavathi krithi saying many artists sing this krithi as mangalam, which is not appropriate. This power and the meanig of this krithi demands a better positioning earlier in the sequence and not to be sung as mangalam. He did explain the meaning but my greak is better than my telugu and could make a little out of it.


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2 responses to “Malladi Brothers at Sheshadripuram College May 03, 2008

  1. Jayan

    May 7, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    Thank Saravanan, I agree with you. Their treatment of Thyagaraja , Annamacharya and Bradrachala Ramadas krithis are very different and better.

  2. R.Saravanan

    May 7, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    Dear Jayan.

    Thanks for some good reviews.

    I hooked through Ram’s Blog.

    The grasp of Telugu language makes them a special artists.Infact they performed the next day in Delhi with the same mridangist, it was fun.

    Thanks for posting reviews.



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