N Ramani , Fort School Founder’s Day concert

20 Apr

Flute :  Sri N Ramani

Violin : Nagai Muralidharan

Mrudangam :  K V Prasad

Ganjira : N Amruth

Song List :

01 ninnu kOri ( varNam) – mOhanam –  Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar

02 praNamAmyaham – gauLa – Mysore Vasudevachar   ( S )

03 chinna nAdEna – kalAnidhi – Thyagaraja

04 sakala grahabAla – aTANa – Purandara Dasa  ( O )

05 bhajanasEya – dharmavathi – Mysore Vasudevachar  ( A , S )

06 nannu pAlimpa – mOhanam – Thyagaraja  ( A,S,T)

07 nArAyaNa ninna – sudha dhanyAsi – Purandara Dasa

08 venkaTachala nilayE – sindhubhairavi – Purandara Dasa (  O )

09 bhAgyada lakshmi bArammA – madhyamAvathi –  Purandara Dasa

raga outline  ( madhyamavathi )

Today was the founders day celebration and felicitation for 7 eminent musicians from Karnataka. This was supposed to start at 9:00 am and followed by a concert , by Nedunuri Krishnamurty.  Knowing the delays, I reached there 1 hr late to be on time to listen to Sri Nedunuri.  Hariwas already there and had given me the news. Nedunuri Krishnamurty is not performing and it would be Sri N Ramani ( another stalwart replacing Nedunuri ). The event started after I reached the place and went on till 12:00.  Hope for a decent concert was off by now, but one still wished for a 2 hr concert with all the stars on the stage. It wasn’t the the case. By 12:30 the audience were countable on fingers. There was an announcement that the food would be served by the mandali and every one MUST have food ( he said prasada ).  Later, myself and Hari witnessed a crowd you see in Sanjay’s concerts in Bangalore at the food hall ( we skipped the prasada session !).  To close the discussion on this, Iconcert wound up in just 45mins. Huge disappointment for me and the few attended.

To say the least, it was an insult to the artists, for one not having enough time to perform, second to announce ansd start the lunch while the concert was going on. Sri Ramani was mentioning that , even the organisers are not seen ( or some thing to this effect).

Otherwise the concert was good. Mohanam is a pleasure to listen through flute and Nagai Muralidharan was also very good in his time.

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One response to “N Ramani , Fort School Founder’s Day concert

  1. k

    April 20, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    Sounds like a nice concert, even though it was short. Any audio for this too?


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