O S Thyagarajan – B T M Cultural Academy 26 Jan 08

27 Jan

Vocal : Vid O S Thyagarajan

Vocal Support : Sriram

Violin : H K Venkatram

Mrudangam : Vid K V Anand

Ganjira : B N Chandramouli

Ghatam : M S Krishnamurthy

Shyama Shastri krithis..

Here is the list :

01 sankari shankuru  ( O,N,S) – sAvEri

neraval and swaras at “Shyamakrishna sahodari”

02 ninnu vinA mari ( A,S ) – reetigauLa

03 kAmAkshi amba (A,S ) – varALi

04 birAnavarAlichi ( S ) – kalyANi

05 ninnE nammi nAnu ( N,S ) – thODi

neraval at ‘kAmAkshi kanchadalAyadAkshi’

06 sarOja dalanEtri ( A,N,S,T ) – sankarAbharaNam

neraval and swara at “ sAmagAna vinOdini guNadAma

07 malgaLam ( sri shyAmakrishNAya mangaLam) – madhyamAvathi

A very nice concert by OST with superb support by all the supporting artists.  The alapana for reetigaula and varali were very good and so was the repeat by vilolin. All krithis were detailed either by singing swaras and a detailed neraval. H K Venkatram was brilinant today and I liked his SankarAbharanam very much. Not suer, if we need 2 upapakkavadya as there weren’t scope for all.  However, I was surprised with the level of coordination among three, and it was very appropriate. Vocal support by Sriram ( it was printed as Vocal duet, but was an OST show through out) was not upto the mark whenever he tried to pitch in, as his voice was not matching to that of OST.

The concert came to an abrupt stop after the felicitation. I was expecting another 2-3 songs before the malgalam. To my ( and most of the audience) disappointment, he sang the mangalam and wrapped up the show.

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