T N Seshagopalan- Aananda Festival , Gayana Samaja 16 Jan 2008

17 Jan

Vocal :  Sri  T N Seshagopalan

Violin : S D Sridhar

Mrudangam : Sri Guruvayur Dorai

Ganjira : N Amrut

Harikeshanallur Muthaiah Bhagavathar Krithis..

Another superb concert by the master. He was in outstanding form through out. The voice was stable barring few instances.  He started his concert with a guruvandana slokam , possibly written by himself , and how appropriate !!  The first half of the concert was with full of anecdotes , stories , narration of incidents and explanations which itself was a case to talk about.

He has taken the rAgam with differences , something very unknown to me like sumanapriya.  Guruvayur Dorai was brilliant. He anticipated very well and was the only person on stage who could follow TNS properly , and Amrut followed Dorai very well. S D Sridhar on violin was below par, and that took away some shine from the otherwise a class concert.  There were no violin reply for many of the raga alapana of TNS.

Here is the concert song list :

01 Slokam (mandasmitha mukha ) – nAttai –  TNS ?

He started the concert with a Guru vandana Slokam on Sri Muthaiah Bhagavathar, and what a way to begin.  He offeres his respects to his “paramaguru” in this sloka, which I guess is written by TNS himself.

02 mana mOhana ( varNam) – mOhanam

03 srI mahA gaNapathE ( A) – malahari

04 SrI saravaNa (A) – sumanapriya

he kept everyone guessing with this rAga, including the violinst (? ). There was no return alapana on violin.

05 vallI nAyakanE (A,S)- shaNmukhapriya

Started the alapana quite differently and we had difficulties in identifying this until the turn came for the violin. One gentleman sitting behind us told that there is one swara missing in avarohana and that is why the troube in identifying.. not qualified to comment on this.  And what a krithi and swara to follow. He kept everyone spellbound with his mastery, ably supported by the violinst.

06 krupAnidhE  ( A )- hamsanAdam

Short Alapana without the violin repeat. Here too he sang with dhaivatham and explained the reason to all as it is janya of Neetimati and is a vivadi ragam.

07  thODi  alapana

viruttam ( madhurApuri nAyikE namaste ) – thODi

mIna lOchani amba – thODi

There was no neraval and swaras to my disappointment ( I always likes his thodi), but to the hope that something BIG might be coming.  What was interesting in the rendering was the 10+ sangathis sung at the  line ‘mANikyavINA..’

8 sArasadala nayanE ( O ) – sAramati

9 Tappulanniyu talukommu – bauLi

10 sharavaNabhava – pasupathipriya

11 sahajaguNa rAma ( A,N,S,T) – sankarAbharaNam

neraval and swara @ parama bhaktuDaina bharata bhAvameigi

and here comes the BIG one. What a piece. 20+ minute of Alapana, an amazing neraval and a his usual swara  patterns for a fitting finale.

Sri Dorai and Amrut was the next pair to take the audience to another level. They presented an outstanding tani avartanam to a depleting crowd. What a marvel !!

12  viruttam ( ADi ADi akam karainthu ) – yadukula kAmbOji

shAnthamAka kAtchi tandIdum narahari – yadukula kAmbOji

beautiful krithi and very slow and mellodious rendering.

13 viruttam ( vanDAr pUnkuzhali ?) – sindhu bhairavi

mAvUr valam perugavanda – sindhu bhairavi

14 mangaLam ( nI nAma rUpamu ) – saurashtram

gurubrahmO gururvishNO ( slokam)

sriYay kAnthaya  ( slOkam) – madhyamAvathi

I expected the mangaLam also to be of Muthaiah Bhagavathar. Not sure, if he had written one.  TNS sang the usual mangalam followed by a guru vandana slokam and the regular madhyamavathi slokam to end a long concert.

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