Sri N Ramani Flute, Nadasurabhi Cultural Academy, Koramangala 16 Sep 2007

18 Sep

Flute : Sri  N Ramani

Violin : M S Govindaswamy

Mrudangam : Bangalore Praveen

Ghatam : Ranganath Chakracarthy

Venue : Indian Heritage Academy, Koramangala

I had been to this concert yesterday and what a beautiful concert he gave amidst testing conditions ( pun intented , there were too many disturbances during the concert).

Main attractions were Kamalamba ( Anandabhairavi ),  AnDavanE ( shanmukhapriya ), kambOji Main ( O Rangasai ) and an amazing RTP in madhyamAvathi.

Being instrumental, I have trouble in identifying some of the krithis with my limited knowledge. Sri Hari was kind enough to help me ..  Here is the list..if there is a difference of opinioin, you are right.

01 viribONi – bhairavi  ( 5 speeds)

02  Namami Vigavinayaka  – Hamsadhwani   S

03 chinna nadena – Kalanidhi

04 sakala graha bAla – aTANa

05 gAnamUrtE – gAnamUrti

06 kamalAmbA – Anandabhairavi   A,N

07 AnDavanE – shanmukhapriya    A , S

08 O rangasAi – kAmbOji     A , N , S , T

09 alaipAyuthE – kAnaDa

10 RTP – madhamAvathi

nAyaka , vinAyaka , gaNanAyaka

swaras in Ranjani , Shivaranjani ?

11 bArO krishNayya – mAND

12 thillAna – sindhubhairavi

13 mangaLam – saurashtram

The other side of the story ( side effect ?) can be summarised  here :

Lashing rain, dogs barking all around ( 2 of them attended the concert !! – ran inside to creat havoc) , mobile ringing loud ( includes Sri Ramani’s phone) , horrible mic ( Sri Ramani’s mic was going off regularly) , inaudible Ghatam , noises of regular take off of planes, bio break by Sri Ramani during the concert ( after he finisehed Alapana and violin was playing)..

In spite of all this it was an enjoyable concert. He was in awesome form in Kamboji and the RTP .


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2 responses to “Sri N Ramani Flute, Nadasurabhi Cultural Academy, Koramangala 16 Sep 2007

  1. Jayan

    November 14, 2007 at 11:05 am

    Not sure how much I have captured before my recorder drained. Let me check. I’m sure I have not captured the RTP , which was the masterpiece 😦

  2. k.

    November 11, 2007 at 11:16 am

    nice. any chance of audio for this too? i’m particularly keen on the rtp and papanasam sivan comp (in shanmukhapriya).


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