Sudha Raghunathan @ Odukathur Mutt 19 Aug

20 Aug

Attended an amazing concert by Smt Sudha Raghunathan yesterday at Odukathur Mutt. Awesome is the word to be used.

Here is the concert list

Vocal :  Sudha Raghunathan

Violin : Raghavendra Rao

Mrudangam : Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan

Ghatam : Dr.S Karthik

01 vanajAkshi (Varnam ) – kalyANi   Pallavi Gopala Iyer

02 swAminAtha paripAlayA sumA – nAttai – Muttuswami Dikshitar   N ,S
Neraval at vAmadEva pArvathi sukumAra

03 viruttam   ( vAsudEva sutham dEvam ) – jayanthasrI

shrIdhara pAhi dayA kare – jayanthasrI  – Mysore Vasudevachar (?)

04 athisaya varaprasAdini – manDAri –  Harikeshanallur Muthaiah Bhagavathar   A,S

05 gAnamUrte – gAnamUrthi  – Thyagaraja

06 kamalanayana vAsudEva – surutti – Bhadrachalam Ramdas

07 dinamaNi vamsha – harikAmbOji – Thyagaraja  A,S,T

…and what a thaniavartanam it was. Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan and Sri Karthik rocked the place. It was out of the world. The non-stop applauses at each stage and at the end of the thani were the appreciation , which made Sudha to comment “What will I sing after this now ? ”

08 pAdame thunai paramashiva – valachi – Papanasam Sivan

09 RTP  – thOdi   ( srIkrshNa gAnam vENugAnam madhuragAnam )

swaras at thODi , kAmbOji , simhEndramadhyamam (?) , nAttakurinji , kAnaDa .  After the kAnaDa swara she sang one line each of ” alaipAyuthe, pAlvadiyum, asanthADum , kuzhalUthi manamellAm and thAyE yashOda ” to end the RTP which was unique,  received with thuderous applause.

10 vishamakAra kannan – chenchurutti – Oothukadu Venkata Subbaiar

11 Viruttam ( Baliya manage ) – hamsAnandi , mAnD

bArO krishnayyA – mAnD , kApi , darbAri kAnaDa    – Kanakadasa

12 chakkani talliki chAngu bhala  – pADi – annaacharya

* my thanks to Dr.Shrikaanth for the correction. Interesting to learn that this is tuned in pADi.

13 kurai onrum illai – ragamAlika –  Rajagopalachari

14 mangaLam – sourAshtram

Amazing concert by Smt Sudha Raghunathan and superbly added JOSH by the percussioninsts to lift the level of concert to a very different level.


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5 responses to “Sudha Raghunathan @ Odukathur Mutt 19 Aug

  1. revanthv552

    March 11, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    i guess K mistook pADi for pahADi

  2. Jayan

    August 27, 2007 at 8:46 am

    Dear K, Which song did you mean in this ?

  3. k.

    August 26, 2007 at 11:49 am

    Sudha has always sung this song in Pahadi.

  4. kpjayan

    August 22, 2007 at 12:36 pm

    Thanks Subramanian. More than the individual brilliance of Sudha, it was a collective performance made the effect. On Sudha’s performance front, I thought she was just ok until Ganamurte piece , and later lifted her performance with the brilliant Thodi RTP and the subsequent thukdas. Dinamani vamsa wasn’t all that great and we should thank the percussioninst in bringing out a superb effort from Sudha..

  5. subramanian

    August 22, 2007 at 10:14 am

    it is amazing and felt blessed to be in that crowd …. i am hearing such a concert may be after a long gap and i felt mesmerized for that evening ..
    thanks for doing this great job of summarising them …it is great!!


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