Sanjay Subramanian at Gayana Samaja 11 Aug 07

12 Aug

Venue : Gayana Samajam , K R Road

Date : 11 Aug 2007

Vocal  : Sanjay Subramanian

Violin : M R Gopinath

Mrudangam : Arun Prakash

Ghatam : Giridhar Uduppa

Sanjay gave a cracker of a concert yesterday. He has never disappointed me in any of the concerts I have attended and this was no exception.  It ws evident from the second song of the day in gAnamUrti that we are in for a treat.  An amazing kedaram and narayani alapana followed with a majestic thodi to the treat to all.  A brilliant RTP in Hamir kalyani to continue.  Sri Gopinath came into forte during the RTP swara after a rather matter of fact accompanying till then. His replies in sahana , Ranjini and sindhubhairavi were exceptional and received with thunderous applause.

Arun Prakash and Giridhar were at their usual high standard.

01 sAmi ninnE – kannaDa – Patnam Subramanya Iyer (?)    S

02 gAnamUrtE – gAnamUrti – Thyagaraja

03 tyAgarAja gurum AshrayE – kEdAram – M D Ramanathan    A,N,S

04 rAma nIvE gAni – nArAyaNi – Thyagaraja    A

05 koluva mArE gatha – thODi – Thyagaraja   A,N,S,T

06 viDalajathura – janaranjani  – Thyagaraja

07 RTP – hamIr kalyANi

swaras in sahAna , ranjani , sindhubhairavi

08 nijagAdasA – sindhubhairavi – Jayadeva

After singing the swaras in sindhubhairavi during the RTP , he tookoff with “nijagadasa” and ended the RTP with this.

09 kandenA govindanA – chandrakauns – Purandara dAsa

10 viruttam ( orumayuDan) in kAmboji , varALi , surutti , bhAgEshri

naDi thEDi – bhAgEshri  –  Arunagiri nathar(?)

11 mangalam – Sourashtram


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